Event details

TO BOOK ONTO THIS EVENT, PLEASE EMAIL admin@ksspcic.co.uk as per email below which was sent out on 2nd March as you will also need to confirm transport arrangements.

We will be hosting our Bi Annual Olympic / Commonwealth Games extravaganza on Friday 19 June at Erdington Academy.  Each school will be able to bring 20 pupils who are the least active or who lack competition experience.   The children will experience of a variety of Olympic / Paralympic sports as well being part of an opening & closing ceremony which has a real Olympic feel so it is an event not to be missed!  If you are a new school and have yet to experience one of these events please view the 2012 clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1Bn08BaBMk

Children to invite

Yr 5&6 (10 pupils – which must include a minimum of 5 girls) 

Events will include –  Rugby coaching activities and fun tag competition (this does not progress to School Games), they will also experience 2 other Olympic Sports (tbc)

Yr 3&4 (10 pupils, 5 boys, 5 girls – ideally children who have not competed in anything yet)

Events will include – Tri Golf (progresses to the level 3 school games) and 2 other activities tbc 


Infant schools 

Yr 1 & 2 (20 pupils) – activities to be confirmed 



Schools will have the choice to arrange your own transport or to request transport off us.  Any transport organised by KSSP will be charged to the school. Transport is likely to work out between £85-£140 each depending on number of pick ups etc. We have currently reserved 4 double decker buses with the green bus company. (Please note some pick ups may be as early as 8.15am if we need to use the bus for a double run).  If schools want to use their own mini bus  (and potentially a taxi) there will be space to park buses on site.


Arrival & Departure times

Schools must arrive by 9.30am

Schools will depart at 4pm



Each school will be required to bring 2 members of staff


Please can you email me at  admin@ksspcic.co.uk to confirm  that your school will: 

– be attending the Commonwealth Games Day –  YES  /   NO

– require us to arrange transport at the above cost –  YES  /   NO 

We will be looking for some schools to perform in the opening or closing ceremony (this has worked well previously if performers are also included in the participation team!) Do you have any performers (choir, drummers, dancers) that you think would be suitable to perform in the opening ceremony.  YES / NO – if yes please detail: 

DEADLINE FOR CONFIRMING BOTH ATTENDANCE & TRANSPORT AS ABOVE IS FRIDAY 27 MARCH (even if you have already booked on our website, could you please confirm via return email due to transport requirements)


If you have any queries or questions please ring our office on 0121 373 1080 x2202

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