Event details

Squad of 6 players, 4 on court at a time.

Mixed Boys and Girls – Minimum of 2 girls playing at all times

We will be following the School Games primary dodgeball rules as per www.yourschoolgames.com

One game lasts for four minutes.

Three dodgeballs are used and positioned in the centre zone at the start of each game.

A player is out if a direct throw from an opposing team player hitsthem below head height. If a throw hits a player in the face they are still in – if a throw hits a player on the back or top of the headwhen they are not facing play or ducking down, they are out.

A player is out if their throw is caught by a member of theopposing team. A successful catch enables a player who is already out to return to the game, this must always be the first player who was out and they must return behind the return line.

If a player is hit by a throw and a teammate catches that sameball before it hits any other surface then they have saved the firstplayer hit from being out

A player may use a ball in their possession to block a thrownball – they must ensure they keep full control of the ball they are holding.

You can win a game by either eliminating all the opposing players or having more players on your team at the end of two minutes.

You need to be a logged-in member of KSSP to book onto this event.