Event details

Year 5’s  –  10 in a team

This festival is designed to re-engage pupils who have been most affected by COVID. Each school will have use of their own equipment provided and will rotate in their own bubble around different games/activity stations. Each station will be designed to encourage social interaction, team work and some leadership skills. This will be based purely on participation rather than winners. Certificates will be awarded at the end.

Please note; this is an ‘outdoor’ event so if the weather is too bad, the event will be cancelled.

At this location, number of teams are limited at the moment due to social distancing, SO COULD WE ASK THAT YOU ONLY BOOK 1 OF THE 2 DATES available at Erdington Academy.  If you would like to bring a team to each date, then please book 1 and then email Heather Crump (schoolsportmanager@ksspcic.co.uk) to be put on waiting list for your 2nd team, should all spaces not be taken.
You need to be a logged-in member of KSSP to book onto this event.